Why hire a porter on a Tanzanian safari?

The word porter is one of the common words you shall probably read in almost every itinerary. Porters are important people in the tourism sector-they add a lot of value to tourism. There are so many things that they do to simplify the work of tourists. One may be asking who is a porter and why is he necessary? Porters are people who help tourism in several aspects:

They help with travel bags.

You may say that when I’m travelling to Tanzania, I shall not need a lot of items so there is no need to carry a heavy luggage where I shall end up needing help. As a matter of fact, sometimes even if you don’t carry a lot of luggage, you might find that the porter is so essential. There are times when you are simply unable to carry your luggage.

There are challenging activities like mount climbing, when climbing Kilimanjaro, you need to free yourself from anything and just concentrate on your ambition of reaching the summit, and those are moments when you need a porter such that they could carry the entire luggage for you. Porters shall always help you carry the luggage.

And in several national parks, walking safaris are allowed; you may want the services of the porter during your walking safari. In brief, when you carry a luggage to Tanzania, there may times when you shall require someone to help you and that’s when the porters shall come into use.

They do a lot of handy work.

Pitching the tent when you go for wildlife safari that involves staying at the campsite can be a little challenging. Some of these tents are really hard to pitch- many require a certain degree of expertise to be successful at the task. Porters know how to pitch a tent and so it is always easy for them to do that task. When times come to pitch a tent or if you are thinking of staying at a public campsite, think of the help of a porter.

Preparing a bed could be challenging when you are in a campsite; for example, you need to know where you want to put the bed, and how to set up the bed. Sometimes, you need to further and add provide other accessories like the mosquito net and others. If you are not familiar with the entire concept, you might end up not sleeping anywhere or sleeping in the car as a result of being unaware of how to set that beautiful tent. This could be another reason why porters are so important.

You shall gain from their experience.

Experience sometimes is the best teacher. Experience gives you insights that you thought never existed. Porters are always knowledge about a certain location because they provide their services to several tourists which help them gain experience. So hiring them shall also make you learn a few things about the proposed destination. In brief, porters are important in the tourism industry. Book an amazing safari in Tanzania with us today.

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